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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Miércoles 21 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 03:06 am
    Design patterns. An almost mythical phrase that often inspires either awe or resentment. As designers, we tend to think of design patterns as generic off-the-shelf solutions that can be applied to various contexts almost mechanically, often...

Martes 20 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 06:06 am
    Joan is applying for a small loan on all-online-loanzzz.com. She's becoming frustrated with the number of financial-disclosure forms she has to fill out. She's thinking about visiting her local bank to ask for a loan instead. While...

Lunes 19 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 06:06 am
    The average American spends at least five hours per day on their smartphone. So, why is it so hard to make mobile ads work? Marketers toil over clicks and conversions on highly targeted ads, but users, tired of intrusive banners, keep...

Viernes 16 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 04:06 am
    Design is one of the most controversial things in our industry. There are barely any redesigns that aren’t discussed heavily in the community. Changing a well-working design is even harder as people tend to dislike anything new, but if we...

Jueves 15 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 10:06 am
    Industries often experience evolution less as slow and steady progress than as revolutionary shifts in modality that change best practices and methodologies seemingly overnight. This is most definitely true for front-end web development...

Miércoles 14 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 06:06 am
    Accomplished musicians often talk about how, at certain moments in their careers, they had to unlearn old habits in order to progress. This process often causes them to regress in performance while they adjust to an ultimately better method...

Martes 13 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 06:06 am
    We have all been there. That dreaded moment when after weeks of work we have to present our progress to key stakeholders, and they mercilessly tear it apart. It feels inevitable, but usually, we can avoid these situations. Wouldn’t life...

Lunes 12 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 04:06 am
    HTTPS is a must for every website nowadays: Users are looking for the padlock when providing their details; Chrome and Firefox explicitly mark websites that provide forms on pages without HTTPS as being non-secure; it is an SEO ranking...

Viernes 09 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 02:06 am
    This week was full of great browser vendor news: Safari 11 was announced with long-awaited features such as WebRTC and tracking protection, and a new Edge build with new CSS features is now available, too. But the past few days also had...

Jueves 08 Junio

Smashing Magazine - 02:06 am
    When users come to your page, they’ll feel some kind of reaction. Whether it’s positive or negative, that reaction is determined in large part by what they see. Because vision is perhaps the strongest human sense, a hero image is one of the...


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