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Jueves 21 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 03:10 am
When working with motion on the web, it’s important to consider that not everyone experiences it in the same way. What might feel smooth and slick to some might be annoying or distracting to others — or worse, induce feelings of sickness, or even cause seizures. Websites with a lot of motion might...

Miércoles 20 Octubre

Six Revisions - 06:10 am
When you hear the word “hacker,” what do you think of? You might picture someone in a darkened room typing furiously on a computer keyboard and saying, “I’m in.” But in real life, hackers are often far more sinister, and they pose a danger to your WordPress (WP) site. Fortunately, you don’t have...

Lunes 18 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 07:10 am
Fairprice is one of the largest online grocery stores in Singapore. We are continuously looking out for areas of opportunities to improve the user’s online shopping experience. Performance is one of the core aspects to ensure our users are having a delightful user experience irrespective of their...

Viernes 15 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 06:10 am
When a company’s digital representation lacks a dedicated UX/UI design team, it can be hard to produce something that stands out from the crowd. The best designers and agencies have a touch of magic about them, transforming your company’s goals, customers’ demands, user specifications, and design...

Jueves 14 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 05:10 am
It’s incredible to see what we can do with CSS today, especially if you still remember how difficult it once was to figure out stacking contexts or why margins collapsed and why top: float didn’t work. In this post, we’ll look at just that: exciting and fun things we can do with CSS, exploring...

Martes 12 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 03:10 am
In the past couple of years, it’s no secret that our design tools have exponentially evolved. With many having great component management and prototyping, you may be wondering what big leap could possibly be next? Let’s look at a typical dilemma: Let’s say that you’re a designer for the design...

Lunes 11 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 03:10 am
A newspaper sign-up form had fields for name, email, and password. So, I started typing on the name field, and the autofill suggested my profile. But there was something funky. The autocomplete suggestion included my mailing address. Needless to say, it was puzzling: the address was not a field in...

Sábado 09 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 03:10 am
In this article, you will learn how to use the AnimXYZ toolkit to create unique, interactive, and visually engaging animations in Vue.js and plain HTML. By the end of this article, you will have learned how adding a few CSS classes to elements in Vue.js components can give you a lot of control over...

Viernes 08 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 03:10 am
Creating an interactive experience with fiction can be a chore with traditional content management tools. Writing the prose, creating the forms, combining them in the frontend — these are often the domain of three different people. Let’s make it the domain of just one content creator in which the...

Jueves 07 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 02:10 am
In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, scientists are tirelessly working on vaccines and medicine against COVID-19 in laboratories. In the meantime, the entire world is waiting for good news while people worldwide are hardly waiting to unite and return to a peaceful life. For now, we can still...


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