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Los artículos más recientes del mundo del desarrollo Web: Drupal.org, Smashing Magazine, Six Revisions, Web Designer Depot, Web Designer Ledger, etc.

Lunes 02 Octubre

Smashing Magazine - 06:10 am
    Most days, your goal as a developer is to design, develop and program awesome software. However, part of the job is also finding new clients, and you don’t want to be caught off guard by unexpected legal documents that come up while you’re...

Viernes 29 Septiembre

Smashing Magazine - 11:09 pm
    Bright, colorful leaves, rainy days, Halloween. That’s October — at least if you’re living in the Northern hemisphere. To provide you with some fresh inspiration even when the weather is gray, artists and designers from across the globe...

Jueves 28 Septiembre

Smashing Magazine - 06:09 am
    In March this year, CSS Grid shipped into production versions of Chrome, Firefox and Safari within weeks of each other. It has been great to see how excited people are about finally being able to use it to solve real problems. CSS Grid...

Miércoles 27 Septiembre

Smashing Magazine - 05:09 am
    What do UX designers do on a daily basis? A lot of things! UX professionals need to communicate design ideas and research findings to a range of audiences. They use deliverables (tangible records of work that has occurred) for that purpose...

Martes 26 Septiembre

Smashing Magazine - 03:09 am
    Summer might be over, but the memories of the places you’ve visited and the people you’ve met remain. No matter if you explored an exotic country, packed your car for a road trip or took out the hiking boots to discover the nature around...

Lunes 25 Septiembre

Smashing Magazine - 05:09 am
    Two years ago, I decided to start a series of short WebGL experiments on Codepen. Earlier this year, I finally found the time to compile them all together on a single website named "Moments of Happiness". Since its incarnation, I’ve found...


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